Providing Veterinary Chiropractic Care in St. Petersburg, FL

Chiropractic works to affect the nervous system. This is done through the various nerves that go to and from the joints. Treatment consists of finding a joint or several joints that are not moving in the full range of motion. A chiropractic adjustment directs a specific force into that joint to get it unstuck. This allows the nerves surrounding the joint to fire correctly, and the joint to move more freely.

How Veterinary Chiropractic Care Works

The joints in the spine can be very sensitive to the effects of trauma or overuse. The nerves that go throughout the body come out between the bones of the spine (vertebra). A stuck joint, spinal muscle inflammation, or ligament inflammation can all compromise and cause the nerves not to send proper signals from those tissues to the brain.

Both my dogs adore her. Dr. Scott is a wealth of knowledge. From at home exercise for the poodle to food and supplements for both dogs.

Jean J.

Dr. Carolyn is SUPER with dogs and with humans! She has been our trusted chiropractor for a number of years. So thankful for her expertise for myself and for my agility dogs.

Susan F.

All my dogs love Dr Carolyn. She is patient and gentle with them and does a thorough chiropractic check up every time. Keeps them in perfect shape for agility and helps my older dogs to continue to have good mobility.

Valerie C.

One of my go-to resources to keep my girls in tip top shape and feeling great! Carolyn has a great "pet-side manner" and the animals LOVE her.

Traci R.