I cannot day enough wonderful things about Dr Scott!!! I’m just one visit she was able to do laser and a chiropractic adjustment on my 83lb dog to get him walking and feeling SO much better! He ran and played with stuffed animals this whole weekend. When we went on walks, he wanted to walk farther than he had in the past few months. His gait was visibly different! Dr. Scott recommenced soaking his sore paw a few times a day, which I have been doing and also giving him pro-biotics and pre-biotics to help offset the antibiotics he’s currently on (prescribed by his regular vet). Dr. Scott suggested 4 sessions at once/week. I am so excited to see continuous improvement to my sweet pup!

Elena F.

Dr. Scott has worked on my Golden, Tucker, for a year, since he was injured. She is amazing. Tucker healed quickly and now goes regularly to keep him in top shape for for sports.

Barbara A.

Dr. Scott is a wonderful veterinarian and chiropractor for our beloved senior rescue dog Paddy. Thank you Dr. Scott!

Cindy C.

Dr. Carolyn is SUPER with dogs and with humans! She has been our trusted chiropractor for a number of years. So thankful for her expertise for myself and for my agility dogs.

Susan F.

She has worked on my Parson Russell terriers several times, (my dogs do dock diving, agility, barn hunt & earth dogs).... wonderful person, and the dogs love her...

Steph A.

One of my go-to resources to keep my girls in tip top shape and feeling great! Carolyn has a great "pet-side manner" and the animals LOVE her.

Traci R.

All my dogs love Dr Carolyn. She is patient and gentle with them and does a thorough chiropractic check up every time. Keeps them in perfect shape for agility and helps my older dogs to continue to have good mobility.

Valerie C.
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